Jessica Valenti
john becker oh thinks ectopic pregnancies can be reimplanted in a uterus vito barbieri id said women can have
John Becker (OH) thinks ectopic pregnancies can be "reimplanted" in a uterus. Vito Barbieri (ID) said women can have gyn exams by swallowing a camera. Dan Flynn (TX) believes abortion requires cutting into a uterus.

Meet the men legislating your body.

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Donald Trump Jr.
al jazeera is now openly publishing holocaust denial videos on their facebook page will take action amp ban th
Al-Jazeera is now openly publishing Holocaust Denial videos on their facebook page.

Will take action & ban them for this like they've done to conservatives for far less?

Will frequent guest resign from in protest of this grotesque video?
Archie Bland
2 hours
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video of morehouse college s graduating class being told by commencement speaker robert f smith that he s payi
Video of Morehouse College's graduating class being told by commencement speaker Robert F Smith that he's paying off their student loans (re tweet), which is just extremely cheering to watch - the way what's just happened spreads through them
2 hours
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results highlights narendra modi set to become prime minister again
#ExitPoll results highlights: Narendra Modi set to become Prime Minister again |
Christopher Hope
nigel farage in frimley i have never mentioned eu nationals once in the european parliament elections campaign
Nigel Farage in Frimley: “I have never mentioned EU nationals once” in the European Parliament elections campaign.

Huge cheers as he says “if we win big on Thursday we will put a WTO Brexit back on the table” and “kill off forever any prospect of having a second referendum”.
The Guardian
2 hours
todays disturbing echoes of the buildup to the second world war letters
Today’s disturbing echoes of the buildup to the second world war | Letters
41 minutes
al gore forecast there would be no ice at the north pole by 2013
1 hour
rocket fired toward us embassy in central baghdad explosion reported
Shannon Bream
1 hour
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were here come say hi findingthebrightside bnthevillages
We’re here!! Come say hi 👋🏼 🎶💕#FindingTheBrightSide
1 hour
rapid dna testingrevealsthirdof migrants lying about family relationship to children
12 minutes
google reportedly suspends select business with huawei over us ban by bheater
Google reportedly suspends select business with Huawei over U.S. ban by
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